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The (Really Not So) Big Flying Brewer Debate – Part 2

| februari 1, 2013

Things started changing for me the minute the dream of starting a brewery turned into an overdraft facility. It was then, and with every invoice that has landed on my doorstep with alarming regularity since then, that I began to realise why none of my friends own breweries. They are, to coin a money phrase, […]

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The Big Flying Brewer Debate – Part 1

| januari 31, 2013

There was a time (not that long ago) when I used to largely dismiss the element in the brewery industry that questioned whether flying brewers were really little more than beer marketers rather than bone fide brewers. Like many I put such talk down to a case of sour grapes. Sure the established breweries may […]

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Omnipollo har fått en flygande start

| januari 25, 2013

Första ölen på Systembolaget, första bryggningen i USA, en målning på nya krogen Tørst i New York och så en bok om hembryggning på det. Vad säger man? Omnipollos Karl Grandin och Henok Fentie har fått en flygande start på det nya året. Och mer finns i planeringen, berättar Henok Fentie i en intervju om det […]

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