The Original BeerSweden

After almost exactly three years and over 1,000 posts its time to give the original BeerSweden blog its very own little patch of the Internet where it can kick back and relax.

However if you ever want to travel back to the very beginning, if you want to see some of the many scoops, the spats and the scandals; if you want to discover what made Ingrid such an iconic beer or what it’s like to taste beer at -18 degrees then you can always visit the original BeerSweden blog any time you want to just by clicking here.

The original BeerSweden blog may have changed but at the new BeerSweden our passion for spreading the message about quality beer remains as strong – if not stronger – than it did the first day I posted the very first words about my night with a Trashy Blonde.

Enjoy your cyber-retirement my dear BeerSweden blog. You’ve earned it.


BeerSweden’s proud founder.