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BSTVEp135 – Dugges Påsklager

| april 7, 2013

Ok so we know Easter has been and gone, and to make matters worse this beer has already sold out at the monopoly. But just in case you’ve got a bottle or two left over…….

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BSTV EP134 – Mohawk Easter Rocket Red IPA

| mars 27, 2013

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BSTV EP133 – Sigtuna Easter Beers

| mars 21, 2013

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BSTV EP132 – Orval (the lanolin review)

| mars 19, 2013

It probably wasn’t the best idea, trying to film a beer review in deepest France with my wine-loving father on his 70th birthday. Especially when he didn’t have that many clothes on. But he insisted, and it was his birthday after all. Sorry to all the monks at Orval. Or should that be Orvil……..

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BSTV EP131 – A Look Around Beer Studio!

| januari 23, 2013

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BSTV EP130 – Hantverksbryggeriet Kusken

| december 12, 2012

As regular followers will know at BSTV we are constantly breaking new technological ground. BeerSweden Trev has already figured out space and time travel and in today’s episode we record arguably the world’s first 3D video beer review!

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BeerSweden TV EP129 – Pickla Pils

| december 5, 2012

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BeerSweden TV Ep 128 – Courage Imperial Russian Stout

| november 28, 2012

We’re back!! After a long break Sweden’s most popular and longest-running beer show returns with a new look, a new sound and a new commitment to keep every episode to under 5 minutes!*  From now on catch the latest BSTV episode every Wednesday on Oi Oi Oi Oi! *Clearly this is never going to […]

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New-look BSTV revealed – Oi Oi Oi Oi!

| november 13, 2012

It wouldn’t be fair to give BeerSweden a fresh new look without giving Sweden’s longest running web TV beer series a dust down too right? So here, for the very first time, is the new BSTV intro and theme tune. Oi Oi Oi Oi!!

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BeerSweden TV EP127 – Omnipollo Skype Interview

| oktober 10, 2012

Note: Please excuse the low lighting in this late night recording!

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