We’ve come a long way since the very first BSTV episode!

BSTV – BeerSweden TV – is the longest running web TV beer series in Sweden. Ever.

It all started back in late 2009 when BeerSweden’s founder Darren Packman and his enigmatic and camera-shy friend Trev were debating over a few beers why there was nothing being shown about quality beer on the telly. They decided there and then to take matters into their own hands and BSTV was born.

From a horribly-lit basement using a cheap hand-held camera the pair have recorded over 150 BSTV episodes in which they’ve tasted their way through the very best – and the very worst – the beer world can throw at them. Along the way they’ve samples beers in all weathers, met famous people and memorably both ate rotten herring to commemorate their 100th episode.

BSTV is always spontaneous, always nearly live and always TV. Because it is TV, isn’t it?

You see watch the latest episodes of BSTV here!