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Paper Napkin Guy Saves BeerSweden!

| oktober 8, 2014

There were a lot of things that stand out in my memories of this year’s Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival. The fact this was the first year my fledgling brewery Beer Studio was there was one of them, squeezed in between the insanely talented Danko and Mattias Hammenlind from CAP pouring up keg after keg […]

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Swedish micros sucker-punched by Systembolaget.

| juli 5, 2014

It started off quite well. A phone call from a nice chap at the Systembolaget wanting to chat and exchange thoughts on some ideas they’d had about how small-scale, locally produced beers are sold in the monopoly stores. I can’t remember the conversation exactly, but it went along the lines of “there’s been such a […]

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Shepherd Neame/Sigtuna Barley Wine – worth waiting for?

| mars 18, 2014

Shepherd Neame, like most British institutions, is quite happy thank you very much doing things the way they’ve always been done. It’s the reason why, when you open a bottle of their beer, a puff of Kent countryside fills your senses and sipping one of their traditional ales is like drinking in an early morning […]

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BeerSweden Forum Awards 2014 – and the International winners are….

| februari 5, 2014

Yesterday we revealed the Swedish winners in the BeerSweden Forum’s annual online awards designed to recognise excellence in beer both here and overseas. Today it’s time to see who scooped what in the four International categories: De Struise Brouwers‘s Belgium Strong Ale has become something of a legend among beer enthusiasts. Named after the wooden […]

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BeerSweden Forum Awards 2014 – and the winners are….

| februari 4, 2014

The votes have been counted and the members of Sweden’s most active beer forum have spoken. Today we can officially announce the results of the BeerSweden Forum Awards 2014 – the country’s biggest online awards event organised by beer drinkers for beer drinkers! A record number of BSF members voted for their favourite beers, breweries […]

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2014 – Brewery, Berggren and a Book

| januari 3, 2014

In my last post I looked back at my personal highlights of 2013. Today it’s time to look forwards at what’s coming down the track here at BeerSweden in the year ahead. I won’t lie to you – with the need to put in some ‘non-conforming’ working weeks at the brewery in early 2014 I […]

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2013 – A year of beer, breweries and blood pressure

| december 31, 2013

It’s that time of year again, when people take a few moments to look back over their shoulders at the year that is coming to its end and reflect on the events that unfolded in the past 12 months. For me 2013 has, in many ways, been the most eventful and exhilarating yet painful and […]

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The Brit and the Brewer – Teaser Trailer 2

| december 20, 2013

It’s been a long time coming but we’re finally putting the finishing touches to our TV pilot show about craft beer featuring Pang Pang Fredrik and, well, me. Called ‘The Brit and the Brewer’ (working title) it’s designed to be a fun (we never stopped laughing filming it) and informative (sometimes) look at some of […]

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Beer is Art Advent Beer Calendar 2013 – Dec 15 (and 14….)

| december 15, 2013

Home-made and wrapped Christmas toffees will probably go quite well with this sweet and malty English strong ale from Britain’s oldest brewery. Have a laid back Sunday everyone! Photo: BeerSweden Darren

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Beer is Art Advent Beer Calendar 2013 – Dec 13 (and 12….)

| december 13, 2013

Lucia – all light and happiness – meets Friday the 13th. Will Evil win the day? Photo: BeerSweden Darren

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