2014 – Brewery, Berggren and a Book

| januari 3, 2014

In my last post I looked back at my personal highlights of 2013. Today it’s time to look forwards at what’s coming down the track here at BeerSweden in the year ahead.

I won’t lie to you – with the need to put in some ‘non-conforming’ working weeks at the brewery in early 2014 I will still find it difficult to log-in and post as much as I would like to here for a while longer.

Say hello to BeerSweden's new Editor, Fredrik Berggren.

Say hello to BeerSweden’s new Editor, Fredrik Berggren.

Which is why it’s particularly great to start the New Year off with a bang and the news that Fredrik Berggren has accepted the offer to become BeerSweden’s new Editor!

As I wrote earlier this week Fredrik has already stepped up after the departure of Joel and is pretty much running the place anyway. His engagement, enthusiasm and ideas (and trust me – he’s got lots of them) will ensure we move forwards with confidence into 2014.

I don’t want to give any of Fredrik’s projects away, but something tells me you’ll be seeing a few new faces around here in the months ahead……..

However although I may personally be struggling to find the time to write here doesn’t mean I won’t be writing at all. As Joel hinted in his goodbye post we’ve been up to something over the past few months and it’s about time I came clean and told you what it is.

Joel and I are writing a book together!

And not just any book – we’ve teamed up with no less than Swedish publishing powerhouse Bonnier Fakta to create what we believe will be a fresh, upbeat and informative look at the world of craft beer, and the ever-growing Swedish craft beer scene in particular.

Turns out those nice people at BF are just as passionate as Joel and I are about publishing a book that gives anyone curious about beer the chance to find out more. Thanks to them we’ll soon be able to be take readers on a journey through the major beer styles, recommending our favourite examples from around the world (and importantly right here in Sweden too) and discussing everything from the basics of how beer is made to exploring the magic of beer and food and even making our best attempt yet to answer the impossible question “so just what is craft beer then?”

Bonnier Fakta has assembled an elite team including editors, a photographer and an illustrator who are helping us to get the book ready for a launch scheduled to coincide with this year’s Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival.

I really can’t say very much more right now but what I can say is that it’s amazing fun to be writing with Joel and doing something we’re confident will spread the message of great beer to a far wider audience than we have ever been able to reach before.

Expect some exclusive book updates in the months ahead right here on BeerSweden!

So what with the brewery, Berggren, the book and BeerSweden (why does everything in my life right now begin with ‘B’?) there seems to be plenty to be getting on with in 2014 – just the way I like it!

Oh….and don’t even get me started on the TV show…….. J

Let’s do this!












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