Beer is Art Advent Beer Calendar 2013 – Dec 8

| december 8, 2013

AdventCalStEhardThe other day I got a parcel from a nice chap containing a few bottles of Kellerbier from Bavarian-based brewery St.Erhard. Nice I thought, as I’m a bit of a sucker for Kellerbier and don’t get anywhere near enough of it here in Sweden. Having peeled away the bubble-wrap I sat there staring at a very modern take on a classic beer style. Clear glass bottles are a pretty rare sight in my fridge these days, but if you can (just for a minute) push to one side the havoc UV light plays with your beer then there’s no doubt it’s a striking sight.

And the glass bottle isn’t the only thing that’s clear – the beer itself is totally transparent, with none of the yeasty haze I’ve had in most of my Kellerbiers in the past.

Scanning St. Erhard’s website I’ve discovered it is brewed to the Reinheitsgebot purity law and is primarily exported to Asian markets as a premium beer, although the brewery is now targeting new European markets, including as I understand it, Sweden. Want to see it on a shelf near you in 2014?

Photo: BeerSweden Darren

(ps: review coming shortly)

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