Beer is Art Advent Beer Calendar 2013 – Dec 11

| december 11, 2013


I know. This is really blurring the lines between the two BS’s (that’s BeerSweden and Beer Studio in case you were wondering). But there’s so much going on at the brewery right now that I only had enough time to grab some bottles of our new White Label Christmas beer and snap this picture with my mobile today. This is the first Belgium Strong Ale we’ve brewed here, using a Trappist yeast which we’ve then flavoured with the zest of ecological oranges and cloves and I’m happy to report it tastes fantastic (OK, I suppose I would say that, wouldn’t I). The bad news is there are less than 50 bottles in existence so only a few people around Umeå are going to be able to try it.

However we’re so happy with it we’re already hatching plans to brew a big batch in early 2014 and tank age it for a few months to allow it plenty of time to mature and so we should plenty of bottles for next Christmas. If I can wait that long that is………

Photo: BeerSweden Darren

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