Goodbye BeerSwedenJoel…….

| november 26, 2013

On the 8th of October last year Joel Linderoth wrote an article in which he said ‘Hello’ to all of us as the newly appointed Editor of BeerSweden.

This week it’s time for him to say goodbye.

Joel Linderoth, redaktör för BeerSweden.

Goodbye Joel. Who’s going to do the veckans kasse now?

Just over a year later Joel’s journey with beer continues onwards to none other than Sweden’s national newspaper Expressen, where he is being appointed Digital Project Editor for the Magazines.

(Doesn’t sound half as friendly as BeerSwedenJoel does it?)

I suppose considering his talent for words I shouldn’t be surprised at the news, which I received with the same sort of grudging happiness you feel when congratulating a colleague on getting that job you had also been secretly going after.

It’s not that I’m jealous of Joel mind you (except perhaps for his hairstyle, which I used to be able to carry off when I was younger). It’s just that I’m going to miss him and his writing around here, and as try as I might since I heard the news I can’t seem to make myself feel happy about that bit.

Joel’s input into BeerSweden over the past 12 months has been nothing short of immense. Without his constant updates, the countless hours sitting at Systembolaget’s HQ swirling and sipping his way through the month’s new releases, his stream of amusing Facebook check-ins and his near obsession with at least trying to keep the list of Swedish microbreweries up-to-date this on-line magazine that he helped create would have been a far quieter, less ordered and ultimately more boring place.

And these are the things you can see. What you can never have known about were the dozens of supportive emails he sent me over the past few months pushing me to make BeerSweden better; the selfless offers of help to lighten my workload when my knees were buckling under the weight of starting my own craft brewery.

What makes Joel such an exceptional writer, for me, is his quiet curiosity, his attention to detail (and willingness to admit when he has made a mistake) and perhaps most of all his complete lack of ego and hidden agenda. In a blogging scene all too often sullied with snipping remarks and innuendoes Joel never seemed to feel the need to get involved. Writing about great beer always seemed enough.

But this piece was never meant to be a eulogy. BeerSwedenJoel may be passing on but I know we haven’t seen the last of Joel Linderoth’s beer writing.

To the big guns at Expressen – congratulations; you’ve gone and got yourself a good one.

To Joel – I wish you all the luck in your new job buddy and thank you for playing your part in spreading the word of great beer to so many people. You’ll be leaving a big hole behind that we’re going to find difficult to fill. But fill it we somehow must.

Now go national and make us all proud!


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  1. Tråkigt för er men kul för Joel. Lycka till!

  2. Christian skriver:

    I never got met you Joel, it a shame it is not often I hear Darren speak so highly of someone and their talents. Best of luck to you.