Is my Trashy less flashy?

| september 14, 2013

When Trashy Blonde first came into my life and into my fridge she tore up the place. Sure, there were other beers that were prettier than her, but Trashy never cared much about her looks.

She was far dirtier, sexier and infinitely more exciting than many of the other beers around – despite her skinny 4.1% figure.

Trashy Blonde is now a little sweeter than I remember her.

Trashy Blonde is now a little sweeter than I remember her.

BrewDog’s peroxide hussy became the first beer I ever reviewed on BeerSweden, when I described her as “one blonde I’d happily take home. I just don’t think I’d introduce it to my mother”.

I couldn’t get enough of her unrefined lime and lemon aroma, and her curvy biscuit body left me wanting her even more.

Last night I met Trashy again after a long break, only to discover that she has changed. My Trashy has grown up. Gone are her citrus highlights. Now she smells of perfume. Old women’s perfume.  She is no longer crude, all hops and attitude. Now she is sweeter, nicer, and far less….trashy.

I’ve spent the hours since we parted wondering what had happened to her. Perhaps BrewDog’s new brewery is behind the new look.  After all, BrewDog itself has grown up too, leaving its Fraserburgh roots to move into a huge shiny modern brewing plant in order to keep up with massive global demands for its controversial beers.

Perhaps Mr Dickie and Co decided it was time to reinvent her, to smooth out some of her rough edges and turn her from a hooker into a pretty woman.

Perhaps it’s just me that’s changed?

I don’t know, but I do know that whatever the reason behind all this is, I for one will miss the thing me and my old Trashy Blonde had going. Sure the new look has more than enough to still turn heads, but I’ll always remember her for her raunchier wild side.

Beers can and should sometimes change of course. It’s part of what can make beer such an exciting, unpredictable drink. But sometimes change isn’t always for the best. Sometimes a beer should be left alone, splendid in its imperfection.

Have you ever had a favourite beer that has changed so much you can barely recognise it today?


Text: Darren Packman

Photo: BeerSweden



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  1. Emma skriver:

    Surely Punk IPA has been smoothed out too? And not to the better.

  2. bark skriver:

    Oh yes. Spendrups Old Gold is the first one that comes to my mind.

  3. kaamos skriver:

    The last time Ingrid came to visit the swedish monopoly I got hugely dissapointed.
    Many of Brewdogs beers has changed, maybe its the new brewery that is to blame?!

  4. Martin skriver:

    Punk IPA has gone from a nice, fresh IPA (even after the Punk X transformation) into something that does not resemble the product that came out of Fraserbourgh. Now it lacks in bitterness and has a finishing sweet taste that just makes me sad.

  5. Fredrik N skriver:

    Lots and lots of times. Sometimes because the recipe changed an hence the beer. Sometimes because my palate has grown and is now more accustomed to especially bitterness. Because that´s what I think chnages most often. The bitterness and hop profile of a beer.

  6. Chris skriver:

    Do they still make this? I never see it in the shops anymore and it’s not listed on their website.

  7. I would say Punk IPA aswell.