Help! I’m turning into a Beer Geek!

| augusti 20, 2013

If you’ve ever engaged someone in deep conversation about the difference between porters and stouts, if you’ve ever travelled huge distances to try a particular beer just so you can post a review on or if you can recall the IBUs of your favourite beers rather than recall your loved one’s personal number it’s probably already too late.

You’ve turned into a beer geek!

Not to worry mind you. You can count some of the most colourful and social people on the planet among your ranks. And with every week that passes more and more people are joining you in your beery obsession.

It's already too late for me. But is it too late for you?

It’s already too late for me. But is it too late for you?

But just how do you know if you’ve already crossed the line from beer drinking into beer geekdom? Here’s 10 tell-tale signs to watch out for.

1)  You start whirling your coffee cup to help ‘release the aromas’.

2)  Instead of packing extra clothes you pack bubble-wrap in your suitcase when going on holiday so you can safely bring bottles of foreign beer back home with you.

3)  You think that spending 500SEK for an obscure 330ml bottle of imperial stout flavoured with bog myrtle and aged in whale bladder from a brewery you’ve never heard of is perfectly OK.

4)  You feel genuine pity for those poor people that drink industrial lager and have never experienced the joy of craft beer.

5)   You take empty bottles of beer back home with you from the bottle bank because you can’t bear to part with them.

6)   When 8% ABV becomes your standard ‘session’ beer.

7)   When you’ve got more photos of beer bottles on your mobile phone than picture of your family.

8)   When you have your own fridge at home exclusively for beers.

9)   When you seriously consider naming your next child Citra if she’s a girl or Columbus if he’s a boy.

10)  When you catch yourself describing a sour beer as smelling of wet socks and old dogs with a huge grin on your face and don’t understand why everyone else in the room is looking at you as though you’re completely bonkers.

Any of these sound uncomfortably familiar to you? Do you have any other early warning signs that someone’s beery hobby has become more extreme that a bottle of Nøgne Ø Dark Horizon? (Ed Note: if you already know about this beer it’s almost certainly too late for you!)

Then why not share them with the rest of us so we can warn those who still have time to change their beer drinking way – or encourage them to jump head first into the geekery!


This article was inspired by the thread ‘Du vet att du är en ölnörd när du….’ on the BeerSweden Forum. You don’t have to be a geek to hang out there….but once you start posting it will only be a matter of time….






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  1. Linda skriver:

    You feel as if your homebrew is a growing, sentient species and you set an alarm for 5am to make sure it’s still bubbling.

  2. Linda skriver:

    Directly after I made this comment, I felt the need to check on my fermenting ale.

  3. bark skriver:

    Uhm. What edition of the Dark Horizon?

    Or… Wait… Ouch!

  4. Anderson Hembryggeri skriver:

    Surely they must mean the first edition because everyone must know about the 4th edition released on Systembolaget a couple of weeks ago! Don’t they? Oh..

  5. almryd skriver:

    7) When you’ve got more photos of beer bottles on your mobile phone than picture of your family.


    and #9, my friend did that. 🙂

  6. Lucy Corne skriver:

    Great post, nodding along with almost all. We considered ‘Hoppy’ and ‘Ian Paul Adam’ as possible names for our baby boy. Citra is a lovely girl’s name though… 😉

  7. Arnvid Mondal skriver:

    Alt pt 9.
    If you already have named your child…
    Get a beer named after your child.