OT’s ‘Matchmaker’ reveals more about DFH/NYAB collab beer

| mars 28, 2013

A few hours has passed since the news broke that USA craft legend Dogfish Head is to brew a beer together with Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri and details of this amazing collaboration are still coming in to us at BeerSweden HQ.

Jörgen's in the USA right now and clearly hates his work!

Jörgen’s in the USA right now and clearly hates his work!

What’s becoming clear is that there’s one man in particular that DFH fans and craft beer lovers should really be congratulating today. And not just because it’s his birthday (grattis förresten!) but because he’s the ‘matchmaker’ that pulled this transatlantic hook-up together – Jörgen ‘Jugge’ Hasselqvist from leading craft beer bar Oliver Twist in Stockholm.

Jörgen’s currently celebrating his birthday in Washington DC where he’s attending the Craft Brewers Conference (and hopefully making deals to get even more US craft beers to these shores) but we’ve ignored the time difference and managed to track him down for a brief chat. 

BeerSweden: Jörgen – you’re the matchmaker that helped make this happen. Can you tell us how you got involved in this amazing project?

Jörgen: Well, i met Sam in Turin at the Salone del Gusto in November last year. We usually bump into each other a couple of times per year. This time Sam said that it was time to come and visit Sweden but when was another story. And I didn’t know that the next Ancient Ale project was to be based on an old Scandinavian recipe, but Sam got in touch earlier this year and mentioned his idea of an event and maybe brewing in Sweden. So I kinda said let’s do it after a second!

BeerSweden: Why did you hook Sam and DFH up with NYAB?

Jörgen: Obviously we have been friends and customers of NYAB for a long time and the guys are always open for suggestions and are just great people to hang out with (and brew some superb beers too).  I thought it was the perfect partner without even knowing what was going into the beer! So I suggested NYAB to Sam who checked them out and liked what he saw. Then I drove down and broke the news that this could happen if they were interested…I still laugh thinking of their faces when they heard the words “Sam” “Dogfish” and “Collaboration”! Understandable of course; this is huge, or even bigger than that!

BeerSweden: What do you think this collaboration means for the Swedish beer scene in general?

Jörgen: To have Sam and Dr Pat brewing in Sweden is nuts if you think about it.  I can’t even imagine how many emails, phone calls, suggestions these guys get to brew, talk, or even just to hang out so I can see collaborations going big.  It’s not like it’s an IPA being brewed here – it is some serious stuff happening with a lot of work put in by Sam, Dr Pat and DFH, I mean it is the oldest Scandinavian recipe ever found so if this can happen anything can happen in terms of collaborations!

BeerSweden: The night before brew day you’re having a DFH event at OT. Can you tell us a bit about that?

Jörgen: Yeah, to me it’s mind-blowing to have Sam and Dr Pat doing this event at OT – kinda freakin me out actually – but what an amazing start to our 20th anniversary year huh! We will pair 4 different Ancient Ales with food and we are working on the menu right now. Everyone is involved; Sam, me, our chefs. It’s crazy and just amazing! Sam and Dr Pat will guide us through the dinner and of course talk about their adventures!

BeerSweden: Finally this is just one of many epic happenings to celebrate 20 years at OT, but seriously, are you ever going to be able to top this?

Jörgen: Haha, yeah this one is hard to beat though we do have some serious specials lined up for the party week 20-26th of May, special brews you wont find anywhere else or ever again. I am also over the moon that North Coast has taken the time to brew us a special beer that will be available in the Systembolaget as well (in very limited numbers) and I will unleash some real treats from our cellar as well. But we will be celebrating throughout the whole of 2013 and I’m sure there will be some special people visiting. However as for when……I’ll keep that to myself for now!

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