BSTV EP132 – Orval (the lanolin review)

| mars 19, 2013

It probably wasn’t the best idea, trying to film a beer review in deepest France with my wine-loving father on his 70th birthday. Especially when he didn’t have that many clothes on. But he insisted, and it was his birthday after all.

Sorry to all the monks at Orval. Or should that be Orvil……..

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  1. OldThumper Sweden skriver:

    70 is the new 50?

    Anyway this was awesome, I laughed my socks off.
    Sorry to say but this was one of the best reviews in BSTV history.

    What happened to the frog?


  2. Chris from Florida skriver:

    Great review! I never heard anyone say a beer should be paired with red wine. Although I love Belgium ales, and do enjoy Orval, I agree that it is not a warm weather beer. I usually save this style for those cold Florida winter months of January.


  3. BeerSwedenJoel skriver:

    Thank you Chris!