‘The Brit & The Brewer’ Trailer

| februari 8, 2013

If you ever wondered why beer is probably the most misunderstood drink in Sweden just watch this.

As Steffo and Bengt growl and grimace their way through three of the beers released earlier this month I for one get the distinct impression they’d rather be someone else. Drinking wine together.

As Bengt puts it himself in this clip, more than once, beers these days have “too much of everything” for his taste.

Well I know lots of people who had too much too Bengt. They’ve had too much of their favourite drink being misrepresented and dismissed on national TV.

While Steffo seems hell-bent on spreading the conspiracy theory that any beer over 5% ABV must be spiked with brännvin Bengt once again criticises a US craft beer for having ‘too much helt enkelt” when it comes to alcohol, an element of beer he seems strangely fixated with.

Can someone please sit Bengt down and explain to him what a US-style Russian Imperial Stout is? While they’re at it a quick recap of the craft beer revolution and the new exciting direction beer is taking these days wouldn’t go amiss either.

But enough with all this negativity already. Rather than sit here and moan about the quality of coverage of beer on the telly it’s about time we real beer lovershhh did something about it.

Which is exactly what I, together with ‘doer-turned-brewer’ PangPang Fredrik and film makers Björn and Henrik are doing by working on a TV show in which we set out to travel the world capturing the passion, energy and fun of beer on camera.

It’s called ‘The Brit & The Brewer’ (working title) and here, for the first time ever, is a teaser trailer from our pilot episode in which we visit the Czech Republic (via Nynäshamn) to find out what goes into making a pilsner.

Please let us know what you think of it and whether you like the direction we’re taking. Of course the idea is that this pilot will be snapped up by some trend-spotting, forward-thinking TV production company, so if you happen to know any TV types who might be interested then please feel free to forward this trailer and ask them to get in touch!

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  1. Kevin Z skriver:

    Please let this be a reality! It screams SVT, if they can do Historieätarna (one of my favorite swedish programs) then they can do The Brit and The Brewer! This would really push swedish breweries into the primetime spotlight and be a great boon I think.

  2. I agree completely with everyting Kevin Z wrote.

  3. Fredrik skriver:

    Grymt med den nya tv-showen!

    Lite halvt sletet av Bengt, de talar om att de vill ha fler nyanser, finns ju mängder med nyanser i de ölen de provar, om de hade tagit sig tid. Men läser men Bengans kommentarer under videoklippet så skriver han rätt bra ändå och räds inte att sätta höga betyg (3,4 och 5) på de tre öl han provar. Dessutom verkar han ju rätt insatt i vad han pratar om.

    Steffo däremot totalsågar ju allt med både minspel och ord efter en sipp. Ska inte han vara någon typ av alkoholguru med sina livsnjutarböcker och spritbiblar. Ändå kan han inte ta till sig en imperial stout. Visst är det svårt att vid en första imp stout klunk kanske förstå vad man dricker, men med tanke på vad Steffo sysslar med är det ju hans plikt/jobb att ha kunskap eller i alla fall ha provat innan så han vet vad han talar om. Illa