BrewDog Cocoa Psycho – An Irrational Russian Stout

| februari 7, 2013

This is what happens when you ask BrewDog fans to choose their own beer.

You get a 10% Imperial Russian Stout infused with ridiculous amounts of speciality malts, coffee beans, cocoa nibs and vanilla pods which is then aged on toasted oak chips.

And it comes with a crazy name, of course.

Brewdog's winning Prototype could be on its way to Sweden later this year.

BrewDog’s winning Prototype could be on its way to Sweden later this year.

It could just have easily been Nuns with Guns, a low(ish) ABV dry-hopped pilsner –style beer or Jack Hammer, a tear-inducing IPA with a theoretical bitter value of 200 (on a scale of 100).

But it was BrewDog’s conflicted chocolate drink that was named the winner of BrewDog’s 2012 Prototype challenge and now Sweden’s BrewDog importer Cask Sweden is trying to get it over here for us to try.

Rumour has it this is a super-charged version of Riptide, which entered the ordinary assortment in November 2011 but has not performed quite as well as the Scottish maverick’s other core brands.

Unleash it in your glass and you get a beer that’s about as black as beer gets, with a rich coffee bean coloured head that battles with the high-octane ABV in a match it never stands a chance of winning.

And the smell? Chocolate. And lots of it. As though someone has taken one of these and emptied it into your glass. There’s some roast here too, and this BrewDog thing they do with their stouts that I can’t quite figure out but which I experience in many of them. A kind of sour dough twang that steps up and helps stop this beer from becoming overly sweet.

Some subtle coffee comes through in the taste but this is all about the chocolate for me. Melted dark chocolate fudge with hops (although you barely notice they are there).

I like it. It’s better than Riptide in my book (and I liked that one) but you really need to be mad about chocolate for this psycho. I’m giving it 4.2 out of 5.

Let’s hope Cask Sweden succeed in breaking this one out of the nut-house.

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