BeerSweden Forum Awards 2013 – The Winners!

| februari 4, 2013

The votes for the 2013 BeerSweden Forum Awards have now been counted and ladies and gentlemen, we have a resultat!

A record total of 174 BSF members voted for their favourite beers, breweries and beery personalities in 10 categories during January. All the finalists had previously been nominated by BSF members, with those attracting the most votes advancing to the final voting round.

So without further ado let’s see who took first place in the country’s biggest online award scheme organised by beer drinkers for beer drinkers!

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The ‘difficult-to-pronounce’ Nebuchadnezzar from Omnipollo took gold as ‘Best Beer’ at last year’s Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival and it continues its domination by grabbing top spot here, followed up by ‘old’ favourite Amarillo from Oppigårds and in third spot arguably the most shockingly different Swedish beer of 2012, the blackcurrant sour ale Cassis from newcomers Brekeriet.

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There’s may be some debate as to what defines a brewery or not but in a close run category there’s no doubt Henok Fentie and Karl Grandin’s Ominipollo brewing ‘concept’ flew off with 37.93% of the votes and first prize, followed by Oppigårds Bryggeri in second place and Närke Kulturbryggeri in third.

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The Ska Brewing gang from Durango in Colorado aren’t just some of the coolest people in craft brewing, they also make some of the coolest beers and when word came out that their flagship IPA Modus Hoperandi had scored a big listing in the monopoly IN A CAN the Swedish beer world rejoiced!  Mikkeller K:rlek Höst/Vinter took second place and The Alchemist Heady Topper third.


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Once again a flying brewer, in this case the legendary (and in terms of beer I don’t think this adjective is OTT any more) Mikkel Borg Bjergsø of Mikkeller fame finished ahead of another titan of brewing, the traditional family-owned Cantillon brewery in Brussels, with US  craft can evangelists Oskar Blues bringing up the rear.


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This year there were four top beer bars in the running and once again Akkurat in Stockholm convincingly took the top spot with just over 36% of the votes. Gothenburg’s The Rover broke the dominance of the Swedish capital by claiming second place, with Oliver Twist and the Bishops ‘Folkis’ following up behind.


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The winner of this category was never in any doubt was it? Brill once again tops the list with a whopping 78% of the votes cast. Great Brands comes second (a thanks for bringing Modus Hoperandi to the Systembolaget perhaps?) with Elixir Wine  – with their exciting and varied Danish craft portfolio – coming third.


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Again this category was a safe bet, with the Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival grabbing over half the votes.  Home brewing (as regular BeerSweden followers will know) is one of the coolest things you can ever do in your kitchen which is why it’s great to see the Swedish Homebrewing Championships in second place!


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The brewing brothers from Brekeriet near Malmö have been rewarded for their nerve in launching a brewery where hops AREN’T the centre of attention by claiming 63% of the votes cast. Looking back on 2012 they’ve certainly got nothing to be sour about!


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BSF Moderator Manker (Magnus Björnstjerna) has been an active part of the forum since it opened its doors back in July 2011. Along with his partner in crime M2 he’s also responsible for one of the most popular and edgy beer blogs in Sweden. Mankerbeer never pulls punches in its coverage of the Swedish and international beer scenes and for its staggering amount of quality content in 2012 it’s a worthy winner of this category, with just over 52% of the votes. Kristopher from Kornmalt & Humlekottar came in second and BeerSweden’s very own Joel Linderoth took third place.


Screen shot 2013-02-04 at 9.54.06 AM

2012 was the ‘Year of the Flying Brewer’ with Henok Fentie leading the charge with his brewing concept Omnipollo. Not only did he release a clutch of amazing beers in 2012 (including this one and this one) but he stormed the SBWF and if possible has even more ambitious plans for 2013, including a book designed to get more people brewing. For his charm, intelligence and epic beers he’s crowned Swedish Beer Personality of the Year!

Once again a huge thanks to all the BSF members who took the time to nominate and vote. It’s great to see such an exciting and varied field of finalists this year. All the winners will be getting an authenticated BSF high five in the post!


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