Beerbliotek debuterar snart med sin första öl

| februari 28, 2013
Ölscenen i Göteborg växer vilt! Electric Nurse, Stigbergets bryggeri, All in Brewing och nu Beerbliotek – alla är de nykomlingar på den västsvenska ölscenen med stora ambitioner och förhoppningar om att hitta fram till öldrickarna på krog och hemma. Och med fokus på kvaliteten så är det inte omöjligt att de lyckas! Vi fick några minuter med Darryl de Necker, en av de 4 som driver Beerbliotek, ett bryggeri som snart finns att smaka i Göteborg. Och han hade mycket intressant att berätta!
Vad är det för bryggeri som ni startar?
– It is a Small Batch Brewery producing 800 litres. We’re aiming to do the majority in kegs to begin with as our first market will be via the exciting pub and restaurant scene here in GBG!
Beerbliotek i samarbete med Dr Denim.

Beerbliotek i samarbete med Dr Denim.

Vilka är ni som startar bryggeriet?
– We’re four friends. One from Australia (Adam Norman), one from New Zealand (Richard Bull), one from Sweden (Anders Hedlund) and one from South Africa (Darryl de Necker).
Vad har ni för ambitioner med bryggeriet?
– Our aim is to produce beers that we feel are of quality, beers that we can stand behind with pride. Being a Small Batch Brewery, we have the advantage of being able to change and improve our beers, almost spontaneously, much like a home brewer would do!
Hur stort är bryggverket? Var kommer det ifrån?
– The brewery is 800 litres and we have for the moment 4 fermentation tanks of 1200 litres each. The idea is to grow the brewery in time. The brewery is handmade in Scotland, by the same guys who built Brewdog’s and Thornbridge’s first kits.
Beerbliotek overview.

Beerbliotek overview.

Vad kommer ni göra för öl?
– We don’t really have any set styles as such, we want to take a more creative approach. So we guess it’s everything from Table Beer to Imperial Stouts and Wheat Wines!
Samarbetar ni med några särskilda krogar eller distributörer?
– We have talked endlessly (and maybe a little drunkenly) with the owners of the top bars and restaurants here in Göteborg about taking in our beer.  We also work closely with Dr Denim Jeansmakers, who have sponsored our denim work clothing. 
Vad tycker ni om den svenska ölscenen överlag?
– The scene is just getting better and better! Thanks equally to several factors. The fantastic bars that supply such a large array of great beers, the importers doing the long miles, the breweries making uniquely Swedish beers, the bloggers (!) pushing all of these players in the right direction, and the Swedish beer drinker, recognised around the world as one of the most dedicated groups of beer drinkers there is! Hopefully there’s still a little room there for us!
Beerbliotek mashing in.

Beerbliotek mashing in.

– Vad tycker ni om den västsvenska ölscenen?
It is growing day by day. On the brewery side, it feels as if everyone is learning from each other and genuinely showing an interest in each other, and the beers that are being brewed. And let’s not forget the pubs, spoiling us for choice. And now, finally, in 2013 we get our own beer and whisky festival here in Göteborg!
Var går ni för att dricka en öl?
– Where do we start? there are so many places! We love Haket, on Första långgatan. We’ve made some good friends and some even better memories there. Then there is Ölrepubliken, almost literally a beer republic where we have spent many nights listening to brewers tell there stories over far too many beers! Stearin, our favourite restaurant, which as their own passion for beer has grown, so has there assortment. Just this week they added five more taps at their own expense! Red Lion in Majorna, Tre Små Rum, The Rover, Haga Bion (Kino), Öl Tullen, and Bishops Arms… when should we stop?
Till sist, när kan vi dricka er första öl?
– Initially it will be released in and around Göteborg, hopefully in march.
Text: Joel Linderoth
Foto: Beerbliotek

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