BeerSweden and BA team up for new US craft beer series!

| januari 5, 2013

When we recently told you that we were committed to building a team of contributors to bring you the most original, insightful and freshest beer news and commentary from Sweden and around the world we really weren’t kidding.

First we welcomed Fredrik Johansen, Sweden’s very own ’10,000 Beer Man’ who will be tapping into his encyclopaedic beer knowledge to explain, educate and excite us about the ever-expanding range of styles available today. Fredrik’s first article will be posted right here on BeerSweden very shortly.

And now it’s time to ramp things up another notch again.

If there’s one beer ‘genre’, one country that really demands a column all to itself it has to be the USA – a country whose re-ignited craft beer scene has almost single-handily redefined the way new beers are being brewed around the world.

So who could we find that could give us the inside track to the US craft beer scene? Whose voice is authoritative and passionate enough to cover this most passionate of beer industries?

In our opinion there was really only ever one option and that was to go to the source, so it is with immense pleasure that we can today reveal that we are teaming up with the Brewers Association to produce an exclusive monthly series of articles dedicated to US craft beer!

The Brewers Association is the voice of the US craft beer industry; an organisation that represents more than 1,500 US brewery members and 34,000 members of the American Homebrewers Association.

The BA’s membership rosta reads like a craft beer ‘Hall of Fame’. Stone, Brooklyn, Avery, Great Divide, North Coast, Lagunitas, Ska and Dogfish Head are just a few of the increasingly familiar names that make up its ranks.

I’ve long been a major fan of US craft beer (we’re the only Swedish beer site to have been appointed an official media endorser of the World Beer Cup) and I count myself extremely lucky, through the BA, to have experienced the dedication and energy of the US craft beer scene up close and personal.

The first article in this exciting new series will be posted at the end of this month and be written by none other than Bob Pease, Chief Operating Officer of the Brewers Association.

Don’t know about you but I can’t wait!

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  1. Gonzo skriver:

    Bra jobbat, skall bli kul att läsa vad de skriver.

  2. BeerSwedenJoel skriver:

    Vi håller med! /Joel