My New Year’s Resolutions for 2013

| december 30, 2012

Around this time every year I tend to make a list of promises I never keep. In fairness they’re not really promises but resolutions, which are more like wannabe promises with a get-out clause.

Resolutions are a good way of signalling your intention to do something even though the chances are pretty high you won’t end up doing them. The cool thing about them is that for a few days at least they make you feel like you’ve got things under control.

Back in 2009 I made my first ever list of resolutions on BeerSweden, a rather lengthy list containing 18 things I wanted to achieve in the coming year. Now, three years on, it’s interesting to note I’ve only ticked five things off that list.

Granted England winning the football World Cup was always going to be a bit of a long-shot but to my shame I really should have attended at least one Svenska Ölfrämjandet event by now.

However undeterred and full of new hope here’s my (much shorter) list of New Year’s resolutions for 2013. Will any of them come to anything this time around? I suppose only time will tell.

Open the Beer Studio in Umeå and dedicate the year to building a small local craft brewery that I am personally incredibly proud of. I say I but I really mean we as it’s going to take the help, inspiration and energy of a lot of beery friends to make this work.

This is actually more of a promise than a resolution as those of you that follow Beer Studio’s FB page will find out in a couple of days.

Help get beer on the telly. Coverage of great beer on the TV in Sweden has been nothing short of pathetic in recent years. This just has to change. A small group of us has already invested a heap of time and money into making this happen and we hope 2013 will be the year beer gets some serious airtime. If it’s not us then fine – as long as it’s someone (in addition to you Bengt)!

Continue to work to grow BeerSweden into a beer site that does justice to the energy, passion, and knowledge of the Swedish beer community. This isn’t something I’ll be doing alone of course. With Joel at the helm we’re all set for the most radical year in BeerSweden’s young history. I can’t wait!

Visit more breweries. This is something I’ve been saying for years but somehow I still end every year thinking I should have walked around more of them. Visiting breweries is without doubt the best way to understand beers. Meeting brewers face-to-face and seeing how they brew adds an incalculable dimension to your appreciation of the brewery’s beers and the art of brewing in general. My goal is to hit 10 new breweries in 2013!

Make sure I don’t become a beer snob in 2013.* The rearing of beer elitism’s ugly head in Sweden (and whether you even believe in such a thing) is a subject I had planned to write about in 2012 but somehow never did. Johan from Portersteken grabbed this thorny issue a while back and my resolution is to address it early next year. But for now I’d like to direct you to a piece by Hanna Larry, Marketing Coordinator at Great Divide Brewing Company who so eloquently and perfectly sums up how I feel about the matter. All I can add to that is a line I read somewhere once (but can’t find now) from another US beer writer that made a lasting impression on me.

“Drink what you like, and like what you want!”

*Of course some may already consider me a beer snob. I am certainly guilty of calling out certain beers in the past. However I hope I’ve always explained why I haven’t liked them and not just dismissed them without good reason. I’m not, however, claiming I’m perfect here. Far from it in fact, hence this resolution.


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