Advent Beer Calendar 2012 – Lucia

| december 13, 2012

It’s early morning on Lucia here in northern Sweden. The house is lit up by candlelight as the country wakes up to the sounds of Lucia song. What better time, I thought, than to record a beer review of Falcon’s appropriately named Tipp Tapp, a new Christmas lager from Carlsberg.

You can find Falcon Tipp Tapp at the Systembolaget here.

Please note: I had a Janet Jackson-sized wardrobe malfunction as it turns out my head is considerably larger in circumference than my stjärngossar hat, which resulted in me having to hold it on my head throughout the entire review.

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  1. Daniel skriver:

    Cheers Darren!
    Your singing really isn’t so crap either!
    You get 2 Ho-ho’s for skills, but 4 for effort.
    God Julöl!

    Daniel Eriksson, Bryggmästare Falcon