And Action! Swedish craft beer scene goes wild!

| november 25, 2012

All the wild action from yesterday’s official opening of the Brekeriet Brewery!


(Oh shit oh shit! What was it the director with the trendy glasses said? “Whatever happens just keep talking”. Keep talking about what?)


(OK OK – get a grip Darren! It’s Brekeriet. Perfectly straightforward. It’s all about Brettanocillius. Hang on a mo, that’s not right. Brettasauras? Brettaratop? Crap crap crap! They all sound like dinosaurs!)


(Deep breath. Remember not to talk too much. You ALWAYS talk too much. Ask the questions and then just shut up. This isn’t BSTV you know!)


(Oh shit 2 already? That’s only one second from….)


(The microphone! I completely forgot about the f€#king microphone! They said put it close to the mouth. But how close is close? Whatever you do don’t shove it up one of the Ek brothers’ noses!)

And Action!

Inside Brekeriet Brewery. Photo: BeerSweden

And then somehow I slip into autopilot and 44 minutes and 58 seconds slips by in a daze of handshakes, stainless steel, blackcurrant beer and chat show questions. BSTV may not be real TV (is it?) but over 150 episodes of rambling on with Trev about beer seems to have rubbed off.

The official opening of Brekeriet’s brewery this past weekend gave with it a much-welcomed wild side to the Swedish craft beer scene.

The Brekeriet brotherhood of Fredrik, Christian and Andre are justifiably proud of their ‘infected’ brewery and their small but growing range of yeast-driven beers.

There’s no point in me writing too much more about the day itself. Better to check the video out instead. The first half concentrates on the brewery, including a sneak taste of the latest Cassis while in the second half I sit down on the sofa and get to know the Brekeriet boys a little better.

As I left a raw, cold and grey Skåne this morning my lasting impression was of a group of brothers whose charm, honesty and ambition is as infectious as the yeasts they use to create their beers.

The fact they have chosen to tread the path less travelled will make them a brewery to watch in the years ahead.  From us at BeerSweden we wish you all the best guys!





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