BeerSweden’s 1000th post and 3rd Birthday!!!

| oktober 22, 2012

It’s a sure sign you’re getting older when you stop paying attention to birthdays any more.

Once again a little earlier this month among all the mad aftermath that was the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival this blog, without so much as a candle or a cheery ‘hurrah!’, quietly turned three.

Now I’m not sure if blog years are like dog years but it certainly feels like I’ve been hanging around here a lot longer, don’t you think?

I recall when BeerSweden turned one I likened it to having just had a baby, with the first 12 months a blur of constant feeding, sleepless nights and early mornings it order to keep up with it. 

When the blog celebrated its second birthday it had had time to grow up a bit, got spots and become something of a gawky teenager struggling to find an identity all of its own.

BeerSweden’s growing up and getting a fresh new look!

And now, having reached the blogging equivalent of its 20-somethings it’s time once again for BeerSweden to grow up again. But you know all about that already, right?

Actually turning three isn’t the only milestone we’ve reached around here. This post is actually the 1000th time I’ve hit the publish button. Math was never a strong point of mine but if you round up the numbers rather vigorously I’ve posted something about beer practically every day since this blog spluttered into life back in 2009.

That’s books worth of words, albums of beery photographs, a medically inadvisable amount of beer reviews and only the occasional bad joke (like that one).

So is it time for this old blog to start slowing down and get out a bit more? Hell no! With Joel joining me as BeerSweden’s new editor we’re not in any danger of settling down yet (in fact you may have noticed we’re speeding up) and we’re both currently busy putting the finishing touches to the new BeerSweden digital beer magazine that goes live next month.

And what better way to celebrate this blog’s 1000th post (and third birthday) than by giving you a sneak peak at our magazine’s new logo!

Can’t say too much more right now but everything will become clearer at the Örebro Beer & Whiskey Festival on Friday, November 16th. Perhaps we’ll see you there?

As always a huge beery and heartfelt thanks to all of you who follow this blog, whether you’ve been here from the very start (you’re awesome) or you’ve only just discovered us here (you’re pretty damn amazing too!). I hope you’re having as much fun as I am and are looking forward to some amazing times ahead as Joel and I set out to digitize the Swedish beer scene in the months and years ahead!







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